Roll Up Garage Doors


Roll up garage doors are made out of steel. You get the doors in either chroma dek or galvanised. Roll Up doors have the added advantage of saving you in space and at the same time providing you with some added security. The door is specially designed so that, on opening, the rows of metal that make up the door rolls onto a metal drum placed above the doorway on the interior wall.

Roll Up garage doors can be manual or automated, the automated option tends to be more popular, simply because you do not have to leave the car to open the door yourself, which would be inconvenient in poor weather and might also put you at risk to a possible hijacking situation. These doors usually feature an automatic lock that locks itself when the door reaches its fully closed position. Metal Roll Up garage doors are available either as a galvanized colour or in a number of Cromadek colours, which can be chosen to suit the decor of the exterior of your house.