Aluzinc Garage Doors

Aluzinc garage doors are made up of a flat steel substrate coated on both sides with an aluminium-zinc alloy. This coating is comprised of 55% aluminium, 43,4% zinc and 1,6% silicon. This coating of different metals is applied to the flat steel surfaces by way of a continuous hot dip galvanizing process.

Aluzinc Garage Doors – Colour Options

This gives Aluzinc excellent corrosion resistance due to the two metallic substances;

All of this is possible thanks to the barrier effect of the aluminium present on the surface of the coating and the sacrificial protection of zinc.

Due to these properties Aluzinc garage doors tend to have a long life expectancy without any regular maintenance. The appearance of the surface will also remain good looking for a long time.

Why choose an Aluzinc garage door;

Good corrosion resistance at high temperatures

Good abrasion resistance because of its surface hardness

Excellent thermal and light reflectivity

The Aluzinc range is available in a multitude of colours and styles to fit in with your decor.