Aluminium Garage Doors

Aluminium garage doors have for long been the preferred choice due to its low maintenance and the light weight of aluminium. This is still the case today, however thanks to the latest technological advances in light weight steel manufacturing those old “heavy” steel door are a thing of the past.

Really big bonus when it comes to aluminium garage is the fact that it does not rust. We all know how quickly a rusted gate or door can start looking ugly, not to mention the frustration of fixing it.

Aluminium Colour Options

Aluminium Garage Doors

We have a wide range of colours and designs for our new range of aluminium doors .

To get the garage door that will suit your needs and style, we have a few customizations available. These include options such as windows, handles, lighting, and special designs.

If you are looking for something really unique give us a call at Rightfit Garage Doors so that we can discuss your ideas. We will be able to assist you with the best aluminium garage doors for your needs.

The type of door that you decide on is really a matter of your own preference. A lot of people like the look and feel that aluminium provides, especially today with the many colours that are available.

At Rightfit Garage Doors Pretoria we stock and supply a wide range of  garage doors that will suit any home.  Quality Aluminium doors in Pretoria